to get there.

Focus on what truly matters with Fillip.
Build the best version of yourself by mastering
your habits with the help of your friends.

How it works

Set your habit

Personalise your habit, setting name, color and icon.
Costumise your reminders, the frequency of your habit
and the type of notification you prefer.

Find your buddy

Type the name of your favorite buddies and add them to your habits or routines. Select the type of content you want to share with them and start a journey together!

Share your progress

Upload photos, videos, notes and audios to your journal
and share it with your buddies. Get inspired from your friends,
motivating each other to get better every day.

Awesome Features

Organize habits
 into routines

Habits can be collected into routines that can help you manage your day.

Get inspired by others

Accept the challenges created by others,
and find new ways to improve yourself.

Chat with your buddies

Talk to your buddies thanks to the embedded chat for each sared habit.

Harness the power of data

Track your progress through personalised charts, to see how much you have improved!

Share contents
 with your buddies

Photos, videos, notes and more, to create
a unique experience of habit tracking,
that helps people boost their motivation
and achieve their goals together.

Personalize your app

Change colors, icons and create your profile,
to make the app look as brillant as you are.

Any doubts?

Why shoud I share my data?

Your data will be safely kept inside the app and it will not be shared with third parties. Your information is however necessary to provide you with stats about your progress and suggest you the best content for your habits.

Is it safe?

Yes! You are in full control of the information you share with the app or with your buddies. You can also protect Fillip with a password, to be sure you are the only one who can enter it.

How can it be free?

Fillip is funded by all the creators who share and advertise their content on our platform. Because of this, you can get a premium service for free!

What if I don't want to share my habits?

That's okay! You can keep your routines and your profile private, and use the journal to keep track of your progress just for yourself. Fillip will always provide you with new ideas and content to keep improving yourself and get inspired and motivated.

Our Team

Caterina Comini

Sofia Peracchi

Emily Salmaso